Cara Jean Clay

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Pottery with Controlled Abandon

Inspired by Nature’s lush forms, I use clay to create my own personal gardens. Most often I begin on the wheel and then alter the forms, adding hand coiled leaves, seeds and berries, or suggestions of vines, flowers, bark and twigs. I decorate the shapes - inside out and upside down. While slowly drying the layered attachments of coils, swirls and curls, I sometimes add color using underglaze watercolors, painting right onto the drying clay... swirling the paints to imitate clouds, forests, garden greens or ocean waves. On the bisque forms, I draw caricatures of some of my favorite animal and sea life .... sweet swimming koi, big-eyed bluebirds, smiling herons, inquisitive little owls or theatrical penguin families ...using additional underglaze paints, pencils and pastels.

Vases and Creamers, Wall Gardens and Vase-Bowls...functional and sculptural, all are handmade with love and ready to display in windows, on walls, in fountains or filled with flowers. My favorite saying is "Never Enough Flowers!"   And I hope that you take a moment to look closer at every moving, dancing curl, and to touch ... Clay is meant to be touched. It is a simple, earthy and tactile joy!

Rue de Lille

Stoneware Garden Pitcher

8 1/2" H, 5" W, 6 1/2" D

Angel Whispers

Porcelain Bowl and Pitcher

9 1/2" H x 10" W.  

Champagne Garden

Porcelain hand-coiled bowl

6 1/4" H x 15" W x 11 1/2" D.