Cara Jean Clay

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Pottery with Controlled Abandon

I am a former professional Dancer and grew up in Indianapolis while dreaming of pursuing a Broadway Musical Theater Life in New York City. After dancing in a regional ballet company, I moved to the Big Apple and loved every moment of my Dancing Life! I discovered Clay Love in 2007 at Greenwich House Pottery NYC, after my Dance career had ended and my beautiful daughter Heather had left home.

My first few years of wheel classes were with Peter Lane who nurtured my new language of clay, encouraged personal style, dynamic throwing and always shared the discipline and importance of technical practice (so similar to the need for discipline, focus and practice in Dance). 

Working with clay became my new Dance, creating movement in porcelain stillness my motif. I use clay to create my own urban garden. While making shapes that resemble or are allegories for Nature’s lush forms, my favorite mantra became "Never Enough Flowers!"

My clay loves have been shown at the International Museum of Dinnerware Design, The Tokyo NYC Friendship Association Exhibitions, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Shows, the Jane Hartsook Gallery Exhibitions, and live in homes all over the globe.

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Rue de Lille

Stoneware Garden Pitcher

8 1/2" H, 5" W, 6 1/2" D

Angel Whispers

Porcelain Bowl and Pitcher

9 1/2" H x 10" W.  

Champagne Garden

Porcelain hand-coiled bowl

6 1/4" H x 15" W x 11 1/2" D.