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Pottery with Controlled Abandon

I’m a former professional Dancer and grew up in Indianapolis while dreaming of pursuing a Broadway Musical Theater Life in New York City. While dancing in a regional ballet company, I earned an M.A., then moved to NYC... and loved every single moment of my Dancing Life, performing, choreographing, and teaching there!  I discovered Clay Love at Greenwich House Pottery NYC in 2007 after my Dance career had ended and my beautiful daughter Heather had left home. My first classes were with Peter Lane, who nurtured my new language in clay, encouraged personal style and emphasized the discipline and importance of technical practice - so similar to the need for discipline, focus and practice in Dance. Working with clay became my new Dance - creating movement in porcelain stillness my motif!

My clay loves are available at

  • The Fountain Square Clay Center - in the heart of Fountain Square at 950 Hosbrook Street, Indianapolis, IN

  • Grafton Peek Mercantile, a gift shop featuring all handmade items created by local artists, 280 West Main Street, Greenwood, IN

  • The B3 Gallery, 61 West Main Street, Nashville, IN - an historic artistic community in Brown County - an area dear to my heart and childhood memories.  

My clay loves have been shown at and are now a part of the Permanent Collection of the International Museum of Dinnerware Design. Other exhibitions have included numerous Tokyo-NYC Friendship Association Ceramic Competitions in NYC, shows at The Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Gallery, The Fountain Square Clay Center, ETHOS Art Fair in Franklin, the Casa de Costa Gallery, and the Jane Hartsook Gallery of Greenwich House Pottery.  But most fun of all, uniquely yours, my clay loves - wheel thrown, hand drawn & painted or dipped & splashed - are created one piece at a time, by me, and decorate the windows and tables of family and friends all over the world.


You can also follow my Clay Love on Instagram at

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​Rue de Lille

Stoneware Garden Pitcher

Angel Whispers

Porcelain Bowl and Pitcher


Champagne Gardens

Porcelain hand-coiled bowl

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