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In September 2019, at the Greenwich House Pottery NYC Fall Clay Sale, an Annual Benefit to give back to & support the fantastic & world-renowned educational programs of GHP, I donated several things I'd made & the vase, "Confetti ​Heron", was in the mix. Jerry Saltz, Senior Art Critic for New York Magazine, who Loves GHP, came to the sale & bought it! I was Humbled & Thrilled! To my Incredible surprise, nearly 3 years later, on August 29, 2022, his wife, Roberta Smith (Co-Chief Art Critic, New York Times) posted this incredibly fun & very kind note on her Instagram account with 6 photos… @robertasmithnyt .... 

Robert A. Smith's note on August 29, 2022, on Instagram:

"It took me ages to warm to this pitcher that Jerry picked up at a @greenwichhousepottery ‘yard’ sale. It’s late late LATE Rococo, beautifully painted inside and out and signed by ‘Cara’ who seems incredibly accomplished and may have rejected this simply because of a few barely noticeable breaks in the vines. Or maybe she was just saying thanks to Greenwich House. Anyway, I’d like to just say thanks to Cara."

She also added this update on IG…:

“THIS JUST IN: The maker is @carajeanclay, a Nashville-based former dancer and avid gardener who posted this piece on April 4, with some shots of the interior. She said J bought it in 2019 at a Greenwich House Benefit sale — possibly a higher level of event than a yard/sidewalk sale. It’s titled “Confetti Heron: the Vase,” dated 2018.”

What a deliciously Wonderfully Kind review! Thank you, thank you, Roberta and Jerry, for giving "Confetti Heron" a home!!!  


The first 6 photos were the photos that Roberta posted - the 3rd photo is Jerry Saltz holding the vase. The last two photos here are mine, taken in the garden at Greenwich House Pottery when the vase was freshly delivered to me from the Kiln Angels!

#handmadewithlove                                #neverenoughflowers

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