Cara Jean Clay

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Green Gardens and Secrets of the Owl, Angel Garden Handpainted Porcelain Pastel Watercolor Shabby Chic Vase


I created this sweet handpainted porcelain vase on the wheel, then altered and decorated the pitcher by adding hand shaped braids of porcelain and coils to resemble a wonderland of garden like flowers and vines detail, with a mysterious glowing Owl in the branches....

After firing to Bisque, I hand painted the vase using underglaze watercolors, pastels and pencils to create a lush pastel garden of melting blended colors. I then dipped the vase into a clear Cone 6 glaze. The vase measures 7.5 " high x 5" wide and 7" from front to back.

This fantasy inspired whimsical Angel Garden vase is ready to fill with blossoms, and is ready to decorate your table or windowsill.

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