Cara Jean Clay

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Angel Dunes, Hand Painted Porcelain, Heron, Contemporary Functional Whimsical Vase


I created this sweet handpainted porcelain form on the wheel, then lovingly altered and decorated the pitcher by adding hand shaped braided handle of porcelain and coils to resemble vines of the sea. After firing to Bisque, I then hand painted the form using underglaze watercolors, pencils, paints and pastels. I am fascinated with the ocean and all of its life, so on this vase, I painted a whimsical Heron amongst spirited blueberry vines and sea tossed plants in celebratory colors.

I then dipped the vase into a clear Cone 6 glaze. This beautiful vase is ready for blossoms, or for use as Ocean Inspired Home Décor all on its own.

7” H x 4.5” W x 6: D


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