Cara Jean Clay

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Beach Rose, Hand Painted Porcelain, Yellow Braided, Home Decor Heron Pitcher Vase


I created this sweet handpainted porcelain form on the wheel, then lovingly altered and decorated the pitcher by adding hand shaped braids of porcelain and coils. After firing to Bisque, I then hand painted the form using underglaze watercolors, pencils, paints and pastels. I am fascinated with the ocean and all of its life, so on this vase, I painted a whimsical Heron amongst spirited vines and sea tossed plants in celebratory colors. I then covered the painting on the porcelain with a clear Cone 6 glaze. This beautiful vase is ready for blossoms, or for use as Home Décor all on its own.

7” H x 4.25” W x 6” D


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