Cara Jean Clay

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Angel Garden 21, Porcelain Pitcher-Vase Sculpturally Deco


From a series of Angel Garden Porcelains, this Angelic white porcelain Pitcher-Vase was thrown on the wheel and decorated with hand rolled bits, berries, leaves and vines, forming a Nature-inspired Handle. Finished with the satin-y smooth-to-the-touch High Aluminae White Matte Glaze, and then brushed with the lush Don Reitz Green which marbled into blue and pink tones of splash. Twice fired, high-fired at Cone 10.

Perfect for filling with seasonal blooms or simply standing alone, as sculptural window decor. This piece measures 7"H x 7 1/2"W x 9"D.

Angel Garden is Flower Perfect and Food Safe!!!!

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