Cara Jean Clay

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Pottery with Controlled Abandon

Inspired by Nature‚Äôs lush art-deco-esque forms and textures, I use porcelain and stoneware to create my own personal garden. I begin on the wheel, and then alter, cut, and squeeze, adding suggestions of vines, flowers, berries, bark and twig; to capture the allure of the Nature's wonderland of leaves, seeds and buds. While slowly drying these layered attachments of coils, swirls and curls, I decorate the forms - inside out and upside down. Creating functional sculptural shapes, energetic abstract wall gardens and Garden Vase-Bowls. To display in windows, on walls, in fountains or filled with flowers (Never Enough Flowers!) .... Forms that beg for your attention, entice you to lift, and look closer at every curl.  Clay is meant to be touched. Simply tactile visual joy!

* Here's a link to a Design Blog "Boho Home" interview about my clay and former background (as a professional dancer), just  copy and paste the address in your browser to see the full interview:

Rue de Lille

Stoneware Garden Pitcher

8 1/2" H, 5" W, 6 1/2" D

Angel Whispers

Porcelain Bowl and Pitcher

9 1/2" H x 10" W.  

Champagne Garden

Porcelain hand-coiled bowl

6 1/4" H x 15" W x 11 1/2" D.